Compulsory Gear

All competitors in the 15km, 21.1km and 32km (solo and teams) events must carry the required compulsory gear.

*Compulsory Gear – at the start line and random checks, be prepared! If you don’t have the compulsory gear with you then you will not be permitted to start the event or could be removed from the course.

All competitors (except the 5km runners) must carry the required compulsory gear. This is the minimum based on good weather. If the weather forecast is not looking good three days out then we will advise competitors of any additional requirements.

Water or hydration drink (it is suggested that an individual should carry 1.5 litres) race food, cap or hat, whistle, waterproof jacket, survival blanket. The whistle and survival blanket are included in your race pack.

This is for your safety and is required as if you are unfortunate enough to suffer an injury, due to the nature of the terrain, it can take some time for help to reach you. It is also a requirement of our audited health and safety plan for the event. A whistle and a survival blanket will be included in your race registration pack.